Novice Operators Get a Feel for Load Handling with CM Labs' Boom Truck Simulator (Video)

screen shot from CM Labs' Boom Truck Simulator Training Pack
The Boom Truck Simulator Training Pack from CM Labs
accurately replicates machine instability to get novice operators ready for the worksite.
CM Labs Simulations

CM Labs Simulations, a developer of heavy equipment operator training software and simulators, has introduced a new training pack aimed at providing new boom truck operators with an immersive simulation of the skills required to handle and place loads on an active jobsite.

The new Boom Truck Simulator Training Pack is the only simulation-based product that accurately replicates machine instability and the ability to deploy outriggers, resulting in industry-leading training outcomes, CM Labs says.

“When it comes to boom truck operations, this simulator is the first solution on the market to successfully close the gap between the classroom and the worksite,” says CM Labs’ Senior Product Marketing Manager, David Clark. “Ultimately, the result is a trained operator who fully understands what is expected on the job, in terms of safety, efficiency and respect for the machine.”

Because a boom truck is typically one of the first pieces of equipment a novice operator is exposed to, there is an increased likelihood of incidents during training. However, CM Labs training pack offers a safer alternative for initial training while mitigating the increased fuel costs and wear and tear on the vehicle due to novice handling.

The training pack provides realistic feedback by allowing the trainee to deploy outriggers to level the equipment before operation, feel the swing effect of the load and use the auger attachment. By using the simulator, trainees become familiar with controls, outrigger deployment, load handling and pole setting procedures. Dedicated exercises also prepare trainees for CCO & EICA certification exams.

Like the company’s other training programs, the Boom Truck Training Pack runs on the motion-enabled CM Labs’ Vortex Edge Max and the fully immersive Vortex Advantage simulator, paired with control levers. It can also be run on a desktop using CM Labs’ Vortex Edge Plus, with heavy-duty joystick controls.

Performance metrics are tracked during training exercises so that trainers can assess safety violations, load control, and operational efficiency, among other indicators.

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Check out a video of the boom truck simulator below: