Cardo Crew’s Comm-Set Helps Teams Communicate on Noisy Jobsites

Cardo Crew Comm-Set Noise Protection Headset
The Comm-Set system protects construction workers against impulsive and loud environmental noises.
Cardo Systems

Noisy jobsites can make clear communication between construction crew members difficult, if not impossible. Cardo Crew’s new Comm-Set helps solve this issue, offering a noise protection communication system for loud and hazardous environments.

The device, which is powered by Cardo’s mesh intercom technology, helps boots-on-the-ground increase productivity and safety by protecting users’ hearing, keeping hands free from radios and ensuring the exchange of critical information.  

“By far, the Comm-Set’s biggest features comes thanks to Cardo’s mesh intercom technology, which facilitates the device’s seamless, duplex, hands-free communication. It operates autonomously, removing the need for installed base stations -- ideal for teams on the move,” said Head of Cardo Crew Shachar Harari.

OSHA requires employers to provide hearing protection to all employees when the time-weighted average noise exposure over an 8-hour period is 85 decibels or greater. The company says the headset complies with the American ANSI standard and the European EN352 hearing protection standards, protecting wearers against impulsive and loud environmental noises.

The system gives two to 15 users the ability to connect via Cardo’s dynamic mesh communication technology within a 2-mile range. The hands-free Comm-Set provides situational awareness and is equipped with a plug to connect 2-way radios. Eight different channels allow for multiple intercom networks within the same jobsite. User can connect their mobile phone via Bluetooth technology and use the dedicated mobile app, plus operate additional features such as built-in FM radio and music streaming.

Cardo Crew is the professional business division of Cardo Systems, a manufacturer of wireless communication and connectivity systems for motorcycle riders, work teams and winter sports participants.