New green beam lasers from Spectra Precision make indoor alignment lines easier to see

Updated May 19, 2018
Spectra Precision LT52G Point and Crossline laser.Spectra Precision LT52G Point and Crossline laser.

For those of you fortunate enough to score an indoor job this summer, Trimble introduced a new Spectra Precision green beam laser line. Green laser beams are easier to see than red beams and well suited for interior conditions with strong ambient light.

The Spectra Precision LT52G is both a five-beam laser pointer and a horizontal and vertical crossline laser. With it you can lay out walls, do horizontal and vertical leveling and 90-degree squaring. The other tool in the lineup, the Spectra Precision LT58G, gives you a horizontal plane intersected by two vertical planes spaced 90 degrees apart. This provides reference points for a variety of interior layout tasks. Both lasers come with mounting accessories and a hard carrying case.

The tools’ automatic self-leveling lets you set up and get to work fast. If some clumsy drywall dude happens to bump your laser, it gives you an “out of level” warning. If somebody on your crew drops your laser from a height of up to one meter, you should fire them, but according to the company a drop from that height won’t hurt the device.

The same tools are also available as red-beam lasers at a lower price when visibility conditions are not a factor.