GEAR: Maximize your smartphone’s potential on the jobsite with Ryobi Phone Works connected tools

Updated Oct 20, 2014

Ryobi Phone Works

It’s easy to forget now that they’ve become so commonplace, but the fact that your smartphone is outfitted with a high-resolution display, camera, internet connectivity, GPS and sensors like an accelerometer and gyroscope make it an amazing device full of potential. Just look at all the great apps at your disposal on the iOS App Store or Google Play.

But Ryobi understands that a great app can still only do so much and has developed a set of smart tools that connect to your Android phone or iPhone, making the devices even more powerful.

Ryobi calls the lineup Phone Works and it includes a laser level, moisture meter, inspection scope, laser distance measure, stud finder, infrared thermometer, laser pointer and a set of noise suppressing earphones. Each of the tools connect to the phone and work through the free Ryobi Phone Works app. You can see a quick walkthrough of the tools in action in the video below.

The big benefit to the tools like the inspection scope, thermometer and moisture meter is that you get to view their data in real time on your phone’s great display. Plus, through the Ryobi app, you can create and access project files, add voice notes, tag files with your location and share data through email or social networks. You can check your phone’s compatibility with the app and tools by clicking here.

The tools are available through Home Depot and range in price from $15 to $100.