12 Days of Construction Gifts: rugged smartphone cases

Updated Dec 26, 2012

Life Proof I Phone

If you take your smartphone to the jobsite, you need to protect it. Keep your iPhone safe from water, dirt, snow or shock with a Lifeproof case. Lifeproof cases are designed to meet or exceed Military Standard 810F-516 (MIL STD 810 F), which protects from relatively infrequent, non-repetitive shocks; and the IP-68 classification of the IEL 60529 standard for Ingress Protection, which protects against dust and water. However, Lifeproof only makes iPhone and iPad cases. If you use an Android device, protect your smartphone with Otterbox, which offers a variety of cases to meet specific needs with its drop-proof Defender, Commuter, Reflex, Prefix, Impact and Pursuit series. Each series offers a different level of protection, with 1- to 3-layer device protection, built-in or adhesive screen protection and other needs-specific features. Though Otterbox cases aren’t waterproof, they still protect your phone from drops, bumps, shocks and dust. Prices vary widely, but the best deals (at least $30 in savings on some models) on both brands of cases can be found on Amazon.

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