Irwin celebrates second annual National Tradesmen Day

The second annual National Tradesmen Day took place September 21 across the United States. Irwin Tools initiated National Tradesmen Day in 2011; it is held every year on the third Friday of September as a day of appreciation for tradesmen. This year, appreciation events were part of the celebration.

Irwin employees visited New York City’s One World Trade Center jobsite to shake the hands of the tradesmen constructing the building as well as give the workers gifts. Irwin employees also visited tradesmen in Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas, and The Green Parrot in Key West.

Mayor Ben Nelson of Bonita Springs, Florida, issued a proclamation on Friday to recognize and thank tradesmen.

Other ways people celebrated National Tradesmen Day include monetary donations to technical schools and community colleges and thank you notes to tradesmen.

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