JCB engine recalibration can go backwards, forwards

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JCB engine prior to installing Tier 4 Interim hardware.JCB engine prior to installing Tier 4 Interim hardware.

JCB today revealed further details of its Tier 4 Interim diesel engine recalibration, which will “de-tier” these engines, making them useable in non-regulated countries where ultra-low sulfur diesel is not yet available. A software code change JCB says will take “minutes” at an authorized JCB dealer will reset the engines, eliminating concerns over reselling the company’s Tier 4 machine in these countries. 

And, assuming government approval of the process, JCB’s Ecomax engines could return to regulated countries with another software change, since no Tier 4 specific hardware is removed in the recalibration. 

JCB also says the Ecomax engines will not require low-ash oil and previously announced they would not need a diesel particulate filter. The new engines will expand the use of the company’s LiveLink telematics, portions of which will be introduced to the U.S. market next year. 

Several new machines will have the Ecomax, including JCB’s new generation of backhoes, wheel loaders, excavators and telehandlers. Approximately 90 percent of its engines are put into JCB machines.

 “We’ve benefited from the fact we knew Tier 4 was ahead of us when we came out with our engines in 2004,” said Graeme Macdonald, chief operating officer.