American Concrete Pipe Association unveils revamped website

The American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA), the voice of the concrete pipe industry, has unveiled a new web site featuring enhanced content, a more contemporary look and easier access to essential resources for designers, engineers and other audiences.

The site’s home page ( includes user-friendly navigation buttons leading to discrete sections for Pipe and Box Culvert Designs, industry-specific networking sites and educational materials, in addition to spotlighted areas for breaking news alerts, upcoming events and the association’s popular Concrete Pipe News.

“We’re very excited about the new site because it’s so much more than your standard web redesign,” said Matt Childs, president of ACPA.  “We basically started from scratch and built a site that would deliver all the information our various constituencies are looking for in a format that’s both intuitive and easy to navigate.”

The pipe and box design areas offer a wealth of data and other information, including design and installation manuals; ASTM, AASHTO and state highway specifications; and other technical resources.

The site includes an extensive library of research, white papers and other documentation on concrete pipe and competitive products, as well as a password-protected area exclusively for members of the ACPA.

“This site was designed to be a central hub of technical data, useful links and other valuable resources for all of the concrete pipe industry’s key audiences,” said Childs.  “So whether you are a designer, an engineer, a specifier, a DOT official, an engineering professor or student, or even a member of the media, was built for you.”

The new site’s construction and design was overseen by the ACPA Media Task Group, led by Chairman Phil Gale, Marketing Committee Chairman Ron Brown and Graphic Designer Sheila Clevenger