ACPA ‘Meganar’ on May 12: Smoothness Measures and Specification Challenges

Smoothness Measures and Specification Challenges

There’s still time to register for our Meganar on construction staging and traffic management (ACPA Meganar 3-2011). To register online, please click here. For  registration assistance, please contact Debbie Becker at 847.423.8710. (Government employees: You must call or email to receive the special rate.)


Thursday, May 12

1 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Eastern) | Noon to 2:00 p.m. (Central) | 10 a.m. to Noon (Pacific)
(This is a 3-hour module. ACPA encourages participants to allow 30 minutes extra for questions and administrative details.)


This Meganar will focus on the topic of concrete pavement smoothness, one of the most challenging issues facing agencies and contractors alike.

The course will cover smoothness measurement, and is intended to provide basic definitions; an overview of smoothness measurement equipment and instruments; current and emerging technologies; and information about incentives, specs, and measurement tips and techniques.

Note:  Be sure to check the course description for Meganar 4, the companion module for this program. Meganar 4,  “Smoothness Measures and Specification Challenges – Part II ” will deal with smoothness measurement tips and techniques.


Agencies, construction managers, superintendents, foremen, QC/QA managers, estimators, consultants, personnel responsible for pavement smoothness testing, and others with an interest pavement smoothness testing.


  • Larry Scofield, P.E., Director of Pavement Innovation, American Concrete Pavement Association, Mesa, Ariz.
  • Dennis Scott, President, Surface Smoothness & Instruments, LLC (SSI), Mill Valley, Calif.


This course will explore the basic definitions and different emphasis on smoothness in highways, roadways, and airport pavements.   The program will feature specific modules on pavement smoothness and smoothness measurement equipment and practices.
Meganar 3a.   Overview of Pavement Smoothness

·  Definitions and current standards

·   Highway, roadway, and airport smoothness:  Whats the difference?

·   International Roughness Index (IRI) and what it means to contractors & agencies

·  AASHTO/Agency Calibration and Certification Procedures

Meganar 3a.  Smoothness Measurement Equipment

·   Smoothness measurement equipment – past and present

·   Emerging technologies in smoothness measurement

Meganar 3c.    Beyond the Basics of Smoothness


·  What are the Issues/Changes in Converting

·   How Best to Convert from Profilograph Based to Profile Based

·   IRI Specification Ranges: General and Localized Roughness


The American Concrete Pavement Association offers 3.0 professional development hours (PDH’s) for the completion of this webinar.  PDH credits are awarded upon satisfactory completion of a 10-question exam administered after the webinar.  Every registered engineer has a personal responsibility to assess the applicability of each element of the program attended to their particular professional development need, and, if appropriate, to maintain a record of qualifying PDH’s for license renewal documentation.

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