CDSA’s three new best practices documents

The Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association (CSDA) has released three new Best Practice documents titled, “Polished Concrete Floors” (CSDA-BP-008), “Green Construction” (CSDA-BP-009) and “Hi-Cycle Concrete Cutting Equipment” (CSDA-BP-010).

The release of these three documents brings the Association’s series of Standards, Specifications, Tolerances and Best Practices to 27 in total.

The method of preparing and polishing concrete floors continues to be popular in industrial, commercial and residential areas, and many cutting contractors are adding this technique to their range of services. A CSDA Best Practice has been released on this subject to promote the benefits of polished concrete floors and, more importantly, to aid sawing and drilling professionals who wish to offer this service to their customers. This document complements a Specification (CSDA-PC-113) released on the same subject in 2008 by the Association.

An increasing number of companies are recycling on the job site and in the office to be both environmentally-friendly and cost-effective. The Green Construction Best Practice is specific to the sawing and drilling industry, and provides insight and guidance in the creation of a site-specific plan for environmentally-friendly work practices to be performed by sawing and drilling operators. It also provides tips and suggestions for making a shop or office more “green.”

CSDA-BP-010 focuses on the application of hi-cycle cutting equipment. There is increasing pressure from general contractors and government municipalities for cutting contractors to provide alternatives to hydraulic equipment, so the increased availability and serviceability of hi-cycle/high frequency systems is helping many contractors make the switch. The Best Practice provides detailed information on hi-cycle equipment and cutting methods; including power, available systems and a list of common terms and definitions to educate contractors.

“These three topics have spawned many discussions over the last few months and years,” says Mike Orzechowski, chairman of CSDA’s Standards and Specifications Committee. “It was felt that a document should be written on each one to inform and dispel some common misconceptions. We listen to members and aim to keep them well informed of industry developments,” he added.

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