Motorola launches Stature i9

Motorola, Sprint and Boost Mobile are launching the Motorola Stature i9, the thinnest flip phone in the Nextel Direct Connect portfolio.

The Stature i9 has the following features:
· slim design at only 15mm with a touch-sensitive exterior flip
· 3.1-megapixel camera with flash and auto-focus; high-resolution images can be printed or viewed on one of the two large, crisp screens
· easy-to-use external keys; a music player and integrated GPS2
· the ability to store up to 8GB of images, videos and music with optional removable memory (sold separately)
· Motorola’s ModeShift technology that allows the exterior keys to change and illuminate based on the user’s current application, such as camera operation or the media player
· haptic feedback providing gentle vibration acknowledging the user’s touch
· hands-free reliability with stereo Bluetooth wireless technology.