TEST Trimble aquires Google’s SketchUp 3D Modeling Platform

Marcia Doyle Headshot

Google Sketch UpTrimble announced today that it has reached a deal to aquire Google’s SketchUp, a world-renowned 3D modeling tool, in an effort to enhance its office-to-field platform.  Terms of the financial agreement were not released.

Millions of users in a vast array of industries rely heavily on SketchUp to express their design concepts with relative ease and efficiently.  The 3D modeling platform provides a variety of customers added benefit with its extensive third-party developer community that provides industry-specific solutions. 

“In Trimble, we found a parnter that will grow SketchUp in a way that best supports the SketchUp team and our users.” said Google’s vice president of engineering Brian McClendon.

Trimble, a company that applies technology to drive production in the workplace, will also be further developing SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse, an online repository for almost two million users to find, share, store and collaborate on 3D models, by partnering with Google. 

“SketchUp and the corresponding 3D Warehouse provide an important element of our long-term strategy by enhancing the integration of our field presence with the wider enterprise.” said Trimble vice president Bryn Fosburgh.

As a part of Trimble, SketchUp will continue to support all of its current users through its website https://www.sketchup.com/.

For more information, visit https://construction.trimble.com/.