Time-Lapse Video: Emergency Repair of I-95 in Conn. in 60 Seconds

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The Connecticut Department of Transportation and EarthCam released the time-lapse video above of the rapid reopening of I-95 at Norwalk after a fuel-tanker crash significantly damaged an overpass bridge.

The three-vehicle accident May 2 closed the busy section of the interstate, where an estimated 100,000 vehicles a day travel. After CTDOT engineers determined the bridge would have to be demolished, work began May 3 tearing it down. Then crews came in to clean the debris, mill, repave and restripe the interstate section, opening a day ahead of schedule on Sunday morning, May 5 – well before Monday morning rush hour.

EarthCam set up a camera at the site and has condensed 33 hours of work into 60 seconds in the video above.

“We knew there was going to be significant interest in this emergency project, and the live video feed provided on short notice by EarthCam was critically important,” says the CTDOT. “We appreciate the partnership with EarthCam for helping us keep the public informed throughout the weekend.”

The next step for CTDOT is to replace the Fairfield Avenue Bridge, which was significantly damaged by the tanker blaze. The Federal Highway Administration has announced $3 million in emergency relief funds to go toward the bridge rebuild. Initial designs for the new bridge are expected within two weeks.

“Additional funds needed to repair damages to Interstate 95 and the Fairfield Avenue Bridge will be supported by the Emergency Relief program through subsequent nationwide funding allocations,” according to Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont. “The FHWA Emergency Relief program complements Bipartisan Infrastructure Law programs and provisions by encouraging agencies to identify and implement measures to incorporate resilience in the design, restoration and repair of damaged infrastructure to better withstand future damage from climate change and future weather events.”