Ohio Turnpike gets fresh striping every summer

Screen shot from Ohio Turnpike video.Screen shot from Ohio Turnpike video.

According to the Ohio Turnpike and E-ZPass Customer Connection newsletter, the agency believes its annual pavement marking project to re-stripe toll lanes is one of the most important maintenance programs.

Every summer, approximately 974 miles of edge lines along the shoulders and 710 miles of  lane lines are re-striped on the 241-mile Ohio Turnpike.

It costs approximately $785,000 to re-stripe every year. The contractor uses a crew of at least eight people to apply about 16,600 gallons of white paint and 12,850 gallons of yellow paint dispersed with highly reflective glass beads that help light the way at night and during inclement weather.

Solid edge lines require 396 pounds of glass reflective beads per mile and broken lane lines use 99 pounds of glass reflective beads per mile, for a total of 230 tons of glass beads used every year.

Watch the Ohio Turnpike Line Striping video below.