One of Missouri’s most dangerous streets targeted for public service campaign

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Updated Dec 15, 2017

Missouri DotThe Missouri Department of Transportation has targeted one of the state’s most dangerous streets for a public service video campaign to try to reduce the number of fatal crashes.

MoDOT says 20 people have died on Natural Bridge Avenue in St. Louis since 2012. Thirteen of the 18 fatal crashes involved pedestrians. The street was the scene of 1,469 total crashes between 2012 and 2016, which is “a significantly higher number than other similar roadways in Missouri,” MoDOT says.

“This is a very serious situation; these are not just isolated incidents. This is a pattern,” says St. Louis City Alderman John Collins-Muhammad in a MoDOT news release. “Lives continue to be lost and families fractured because of dangerous and reckless driving on Natural Bridge. Natural Bridge is a top priority. We are going to make it safer for drivers and more pedestrian friendly.”

To develop the public service campaign, MoDOT held a series of focus group meetings in the community surrounding the 4-mile target area between Salisbury/Parnell and the city limits. About 12,000 vehicles travel the street each day.

“These groups are intended to make the community aware of the safety issues along the roadway and to involve them in the conversation and the ultimate solutions,” the agency says. “MoDOT and local officials identified many of the safety concerns and started to discuss opportunities for improvement during a road safety audit conducted earlier this year.”

You can see the MoDOT’s PSA videos below.