The RoadPrinter builds brick roads as if it were unrolling carpet

Updated Nov 20, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 1.29.37 PMLaying each individual block in a brick road can be a time-consuming process, but this machine from RP Systems has made the process a little less time consuming and much more fun to watch.

Tech Insider recently featured the video below of the PRS6 RoadPrinter easily rolling out a road. Plus, the machine is building a brick roads, which Tech Insider reports are rising in popularity since they filter water, can handle expanding ice and use material that is more easily recycled.

The process with the RoadPrinter begins with a wheel loader filling up the hopper with bricks. The bricklayers on board the machine then begin to place bricks in a pattern vertically on the feed that lets gravity do the work. As the RoadPrinter moves forward, the layer of bricks are laid out like carpet. The machine steers itself, so it always lays out a straight road. After the section of the road is laid, a tamper or steamroller travels over the path to push the bricks down and secure them in place.

The RoadPrinter can lay down tracks between three and 20 feet and can lay more than 1,640 square feet of bricks each day. The machine is also electric and can work for a week on a full charge.

Check out the video of the RoadPrinter in action below:

Monster road-building machine

This amazing road-building machine rolls out brick lanes like a carpet.

Posted by Tech Insider on Monday, November 9, 2015