This diesel car is the new basket for trick-or-treaters

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Forget those silly little orange jack-o-lantern baskets, kids. What you really need is a diesel car.

Audi’s latest ad for its TDI diesel sedan depicts two families who cruise around in their TDIs to go trick-or-treating with the promise of “more candy, less fuel.”

[youtube DqoXC0Xe5OU nolink]

At the end of the ad, one child climbs out of her dad’s car as a mountain of candy pours out of the back seat. Another child waves a wand at the trunk of his mom’s car, which opens and begins dumping candy onto the driveway.

Equipment World’s Wayne Grayson is skeptical about the ad, pointing out that the candy-filled backseat would leave no room for the kids to sit and that it would be impossible to gather that much candy in just a few hours.

“Also, this candy river looks to be made entirely of hard candies,” he notes. “Mom and Dad drive an Audi TDI with a range of more than 700 miles but can’t drive these poor kids to a neighborhood with decent candy?”

When I was a kid, we used to walk around to trick-or-treat. I can’t remember a time when my parents drove my sister and me. Even if they would have, I wouldn’t have dumped my candy in the back seat only to risk having to share it with my sister. (Who am I kidding? We still struggle to share the good candy.)

You know what? I think I’ll just stick with the plastic pumpkin after all.