Do diesel drivers get more candy on Halloween?

Audi HalloweenAudi would like to answer the headline of this post with a resounding “Yes.” In this much-less-annoying-follow-up to the first ad in their new diesel campaign, Audi shows the theoretical benefits of the longer range a diesel automobile offers. That being said this commercial raises a lot of questions.

I guess these kids just gave up on bags or plastic pumpkins at a certain point and just started shoveling the stuff in the car? And where did the kids ride if the backseat was full of candy? And how long did getting all this candy take? By the looks of the commercial, everyone’s home before dark with what would take three days to gather. I know the TDI gets better gas mileage, but it’s not a time machine. Also, this candy river looks to be made entirely of hard candies. Mom and Dad drive an Audi TDI with a range of more than 700 miles but can’t drive these poor kids to a neighborhood with decent candy?

[youtube DqoXC0Xe5OU nolink]