Paving company flagger shot and killed on the job following argument

Updated May 20, 2019
Screen shot from FOX 5 video.Screen shot from FOX 5 video.

Police report that Terrance Barnes was arrested and charged with the April 17 fatal shooting of Barry Holmes, a man who was working as a flagger for a paving company in Southeast Washington D.C., FOX 5 reports. Police say Holmes was shot after asking a pedestrian not to step on freshly laid asphalt.

According to investigators, Barnes and a woman were pushing an empty stroller, attempting to cross Southern Ave., when Holmes asked them not to cross because the asphalt had just been laid.

Witnesses told the police that Barnes told Holmes he was going to kill him and pulled a handgun out of what looked like a diaper bag. Holmes tried to run away, but the gunman shot him in the chest. Holmes was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police arrested Barnes on April 30 and charged him with first-degree murder.