Vandals leave equipment damage—and note—for road crew

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Updated Apr 16, 2019

Road Work Signs

Road crews are used to getting noise complaints from people being awoken at early hours, but a concrete subcontractor in St. Louis got more than just some angry comments.

When workers for Concrete Strategies showed up for work early April 9 on a project to rebuild and replace bridges on Interstate 44, they found a note that read:

“7 a.m. is too early. Please respect our neighborhood.”

After further inspection, they realized the anonymous complainer had left more than just a note.

Hoses and wires to a hydrodemolition concrete cutter had been cut.

Police took the note for evidence but appear to have no leads, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The vandalism also occurs amid National Work Zone Awareness Week, designed to educate motorists and workers on work zone safety.

“It’s bad enough being on the highway, working around everybody, much less somebody sabotaging our work zone,” crew member Robert Leonard told TV news station KSDK. “It’s really a shame.”