Galveston County officials decide on less expensive Pelican Island Bridge proposal

Updated May 19, 2018


The current Pelican Island drawbridge.The current Pelican Island drawbridge.

Galveston County (Texas) commissioners voted to approve a resolution supporting the “continued pursuit and development” of the $91 million, 75-foot high Pelican Island Bridge, The Houston Chronicle reports. By selecting the $91 million conventional bridge, rather than the $217 million land bridge proposal that would allow for future development of a rail line, plans for a future rail line have been put on hold.

According to the news agency, the cost of the land bridge was too high, and there was too much opposition from local environmentalists who believe a land bridge would endanger the health of Galveston Bay. But some county officials are holding for help from the private sector to possibly develop a separate land bridge with rail in the future.

“The [$91 million proposal] allows us to come back with a land bridge later,” said County Commissioner Ken Clark. “I believe that, and as we move through the design, I’m going to push for that feature.”