$70 million awarded to help reduce commercial vehicle crashes

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Updated Oct 4, 2017

000 469364835The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration awarded more than $70 million in grants October 2 to states and educational institutions to prevent commercial vehicle crashes.

Most of the money will go to help states improve their commercial vehicle safety programs, including adding advanced technology, and to improve the national commercial driver’s license program, the FMCSA says.

The goal of the national CDL program is to reduce the number and severity of commercial vehicle crashes by requiring states to conduct knowledge and skills testing before issuing a CDL, the FMCSA says. States would also maintain a complete and accurate driver history record for anyone who obtains a CDL and impose appropriate disqualifications against any driver who violates certain offenses, the agency says.

“These grants will help ensure that our state partners have the tools and resources they need to support FMCSA’s mission of reducing crashes, injuries, and fatalities involving large trucks and buses,” said FMCSA Deputy Administrator Daphne Jefferson.

The agency will also split $1 million among nine educational institutions to train veterans to become commercial bus and truck drivers.

To learn more about FMCSA grants, go to fmcsa.dot.gov/mission/grants.