Road safety services provider CalAmp joins Together for Safer Roads

Updated Aug 18, 2017

Traffic At NightCalAmp, an Internet of Things solutions provider for road safety services, has joined Together for Safer Roads (TSR), a coalition of private sector companies with the goal of reducing deaths and injuries from traffic crashes.

CalAmp’s services include including LoJack, CrashBoxx, FleetOutlook and SureDrive. The company was founded in 1981.

“Vehicles are a top safety vulnerability and reducing risks can be as easy as providing insights into driver behavior and instant crash alerts,” says Michael Burdiek, CalAmp president and CEO. “CalAmp is committed to developing strategic partnerships with forward-thinking companies, and we look forward to working alongside other TSR members to bring machines, devices, and people together to communicate seamlessly in an effort to improve road safety, ultimately saving lives.”

“Having accurate, timely insight to commercial- and citizen-related road usage helps companies, cities, and other transportation stakeholders understand and improve their safety outcomes,” says TSR president David Braunstein, who was named to the position in July. “With decades of experience in emerging technologies and machine to machine communications, CalAmp will be a valuable contributor to the coalition’s efforts in supporting safer companies and safer cities to invest in evidence-based solutions.”

TSR’s mission includes:

  • Advancing safer companies and fleets by educating drivers and regulators on best practice road safety interventions;
  • Accelerating safer cities through emerging technologies and data-based decision making in localities’ road safety management; and
  • Expanding the private sector’s engagement in the global road safety community through innovative public-private partnerships.