Carolinas AGC presents SCDOT director with Build with the Best Award

Updated Feb 22, 2017

The Carolinas Association of General Contractors (AGC) has presented South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) Director Christy Hall with the “Build with the Best Award.”

The association presents the award to a non-contractor that contributes to the “betterment of the construction industry and the overall economic welfare of the Carolinas.”

Carolinas AGC presented Hall with the award for SCDOT’s “emergency response and recovery” of the state’s highway system after the flooding that hit during October 2015, citing the “pre-planning and coordination that effectively managed this major catastrophe.”

The association cited Hall and SCDOT for the following achievements

  • SCDOT Maintenance led the majority of flood repairs, including initiating 3 bridge replacement projects with in-house forces.
  • SCDOT engaged 23 highway and bridge contractors to assist with 65 different ‘emergency/spot repairs’ in 16 counties throughout the state. Contractors were also engaged on 10 bridge replacement or major bridge/culvert repair projects within 4 counties.
  • Collection of 1,441 loads of debris was managed by SCDOT through a close partnership with many CAGC contractor members.

Damages to the state’s infrastructure system from the flooding were estimated at $136.5 million.

“Christy and her team at SCDOT did a yeoman’s job in getting the roads and bridges back on-line, keeping their website (which received over 3 million hits!) current with daily updates, assessing the roads to determine the financial needs facing the state, and working with their federal partners as well as their stakeholders in the construction industry to move the state forward—all while making sure they were addressing latent defects which could arise in the future, and continuing to prepare and let jobs that were already in the pipeline,” Carolina AGC says.