Wisconsin DOT warns motorists of wrong way drivers using message boards

Updated Jan 14, 2017
Photo credit: Wisconsin DOTPhoto credit: Wisconsin DOT

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) has begun using its overhead electronic messaging boards to notify motorists of a wrong way driver nearing their area. The system went live Dec. 29.

WisDOT says this effort is part of its “enhanced comprehensive approach” in coordination with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office to limit wrong way driver incidents. The agency recently added eight additional wrong way detection devices throughout the county.

The department reports the system notifies an operator at the 24 /7 WisDOT State Traffic Operations Center when the devices detect a wrong way driver.

“The control room operator will activate electronic signage in the area to warn motorists, while also working to confirm the wrong way driver location,” WisDOT says. “The operator may also follow these steps when a wrong way driver is first reported by law enforcement or initially located on a traffic camera. If after 10 minutes the wrong way driver cannot be confirmed by traffic camera or law enforcement, the related electronic message will be removed.”

The message boards in the affected area will simply read “Wrong Way Driver Reported” as a warning to motorists.