Missouri Coalition of Roadway Safety present highway safety awards

Updated Oct 31, 2016

road-work-signThe Missouri Coalition of Roadway Safety (MCRS) recently presented five awards for statewide highway safety programs and 13 awards for regional programs at the 2016 Traffic Safety and Blueprint Conference. The awards are presented every two years.

“We very much appreciate the efforts of all who are involved to encourage safe driving, and we will continue to work toward the ultimate goal of losing zero lives on Missouri roads,” says Bill Whitfield, director of highway safety for the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT).

For the first time, the organization presented the Safety Neer (Engineering) Award, which recognizes an engineer or team of engineers who incorporate a “unique or proven safety feature in a highway project” that reduced fatalities.

Keith Killen, a professional engineer with MoDOT’s Northeast District, received the award for his leadership of a project team that installed J-turns at two intersections on the four-lane expressway U.S. 63. This type of intersection design has proven to save lives, MoDOT says, but they are not popular with Missouri drivers. The agency says Killen’s “professionalism and convincing, sincere mannerisms helped many of the customers accept the design and eventual construction, and now drivers are successfully using these safe intersections.” Before the J-turn installations, the intersections had multiple severe crashes and five fatalities. Since the installation two years ago, the intersections have had no fatal or severe crashes.

Other statewide award winners include:

  • Arrive Alive Award – Roger Mauzy, Sr., former Warren County coroner and presiding commissioner, for his efforts to have guard cable installed along Interstate 70 in the mid-2000’s. The award recognizes an individual or group who has shown exemplary dedication and leadership in the first of highway safety. It is the top award given by MCRS.
  • Tempe Humphrey Award ­– Sgt. Larry Stobbs with the St. Joseph Police Department. This award recognizes an individual or group who has made a significant impact in the area of youth or teen safety
  • Lay Down the Law Award – Midland Empire Task Force, based in northwest Missouri. This award recognizes an individual or group who has substantially advanced highway safety in Missouri.
  • Show-Me Safety Award – MoDOT Traffic Incident Management Coalition. This award recognizes an individual or group for a particular event which helped promote safe driving in Missouri.

More information on the awards, including the 13 regional winners, as well as the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, is available at www.savemolives.com.