Nebraska DOR, governor announce selection criteria for County Bridge Match Program

Updated Sep 24, 2016

1280px-Welcome_nebraskaNebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts and the Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) have announced the selection criteria for the County Bridge Match Program, one of the key programs created as part of the Transportation Innovation Act (TIA) signed earlier this year.

The program will provide $40 million through June 30, 2023 to be used for “innovative solutions” and additional funding for the repair and replacement of deficient bridges on the county road system.

“The County Bridge Match Program builds on our work last year in delivering more roads funding to Nebraska’s counties,” Ricketts says. “Bridges are a key part of building the 21st-century infrastructure that is helping to grow Nebraska. This program will encourage counties all across our state to address their infrastructure priorities in innovative and expeditious ways.”

As part of the selection process, NDOR will publish a request for proposals (RFP), with proposals being selected based on scores for innovation, cost or time savings, sustainability or transferability of innovation, long-term maintenance savings, project significance/risk, needs and equity.

These bridges also will need to meet the basic qualifications included in the TIA, which include:

  • Structurally deficient as of August 16, 2016
  • Over 20 feet long
  • Located on a roadway classified as a local road or above in the State Functional Classification, with no minimum maintenance roads
  • Not previously advertised for bids for construction