Ala. community shows appreciation for bridge workers replacing dangerous Double Bridges

On Friday, September 9, the Asbury community in Alabama showed the bridge construction crew working on the Double Bridges project in Marshall County just how much they appreciated what they were doing.  WHNT19 reports that the community members provided lunch for the workers. State and local officials showed their appreciation by attending the luncheon, as well.

The news agency reports that the county had discussed replacing the two, one-lane bridges with one bridge for years and finally started the construction project, which is partially funded by the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program (ATRIP), in 2015.

The two old bridges cross two sections of a creek just above where the two sections come together. The road leading to the bridges makes a horseshoe turn to accommodate the bridges. According to the news agency, the new bridge will cross below the two forks to provide a single, straight shot from the road on one side of the creek to the road on the other side, making it much safer for drivers.

“It will be beneficial to saving lives,” community member Keith McClendon told the news agency. “There have been several killed over the years.”