Hauler invents the GTII, a rear truck blade that spreads gravel as it dumps

Updated Sep 17, 2016

gt-spreader-iiTim Hudson, a North Dakota farmer and gravel hauler, has developed a new and better way to spread gravel, The Dickinson Press reports.

“Started getting into some jobs where we couldn’t dump at high speeds,” Hudson told the news agency. “Needed to be able to spread at low speeds, so that’s where I came up with the idea of maybe putting a blade on the back.”

Hudson built a solution he calls the GT II Spreader that eliminates the need for him to use another machine to smooth out the gravel after dumping. His invention attaches to the back of a belly-dump truck. He told the news agency that it doesn’t just make the spreading process faster, it also makes it safer. It makes a smooth surface, allowing drivers to spread gravel at much slower speeds.

“You’re doing a small town or something, and there’s kids running around and maybe pets – you don’t need to go through town at 30 miles per hour breaking the speed limit and maybe endangering someone,” Hudson told the news agency.

Hudson’s family helps him market his invention. According to the news agency, the GT II Spreader has developed a cult following online. Hudson said he is still trying to solve problems and is looking into variations of his invention that could do other jobs, like spreading blacktop.

The GT II Spreader is made in Jamestown with American-made parts, sells for approximately $6,000, and has been sold out since May.

The video below shows the GT II Spreader in action.