APWA to honor Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety with performance award

road work cones constructionThe American Public Works Association (APWA) will award the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety (MCRS) with the Exceptional Performance in Safety award at its Public Works Expo in August.

The Exceptional Performance Awards were established in 1996 and aim to “recognize individuals, teams, or organizations in the areas of adversity, journalism and safety whose outstanding contributions in the course of performance raises the level of public awareness of the profession.”

“We are honored to be recognized nationally for our efforts in highway safety,” says Bill Whitfield, MCRS executive committee chairman. “We have an exceptional coalition with dedicated members who strive to reduce the number of vehicle involved crashes, fatalities and serious injuries in Missouri.”

Created in 2004, the MCRS aims to reduce fatalities on Missouri roads. It is made up of a “partnership of Missouri including law enforcement agencies, education and advocacy groups, engineering and planning organizations and emergency medical services.”

MCRS has its own set of awards, for which it accepting applications until July 15.

These include:

  • Lay Down the Law Award recognizing an individual or a group in law enforcement
  • Tempe Humphrey Award recognizing an individual or group who have focused efforts on our younger drivers
  • Arrive Alive Award recognizing an individual or group for their leadership and dedication to reducing fatalities
  • “Show Me Safety” Award recognizing an individual or group for an event
  • Safety-Neer (Engineering) Award:  recognizes an engineer(s)/team who has incorporated a unique or proven safety feature in a highway project that has resulted in reduced fatalities.

More information on MCRS is available at www.saveMOlives.com.