Iowa Transportation Commission approves 2017-2021 improvement program

Updated Jun 20, 2016
A graphic illustrating the fiscal year 2017 transportation funding for the Iowa Department of Transportation.A graphic illustrating the fiscal year 2017 transportation funding for the Iowa Department of Transportation.

The Iowa Transportation Commission has approved its 2017-2021 Improvement Program, making roughly $3.5 billion available for highway right-of-way construction and $1.2 billion for work on state bridges.

Fiscal year 2017 has right-of-way construction forecast at $728 million, FY 2018 at $724.5 million, FY 2019 at 713.3 million, FY 2020 at $695.9 million and FY 2021 at $701.5 million.

The majority of the type of highway program work will be on pavement (42 percent) followed by structures (33 percent) and grading (18 percent). The remainder will be made up of right-of-way expenses and miscellaneous costs.

More than $1.6 billion of the total across all five years will be dedicated to highway modernization and safety enhancements. The following are “significant” small and medium size projects that will have safety enhancements:

  • Iowa 3 in Bremer County in Waverly
  • Iowa 3 in Dubuque County from Pfeiler Road to north of Boy Scout Road
  • U.S. 6 in Polk County on Hubbell Avenue in Des Moines
  • U.S. 20 in Webster County from east of County Road P-73 to Iowa 17
  • U.S. 20 in Black Hawk County from Iowa 21 to I-380 in Waterloo
  • Iowa 27 in Black Hawk County from U.S. 20 to Ridgeway Avenue in Cedar Falls
  • U.S. 69 in Wright County from north of the Union Pacific Railroad to County Road C-20
  • U.S. 75 in Plymouth County from Jackson Street in Merrill to County Road C-38
  • U.S. 151 in Linn County from south of Church Street in Fairfax to north of Dean Road
  • Iowa 934 in Black Hawk County on University Avenue in Waterloo (as compensation for a transfer of jurisdiction)

The commission says last year’s FAST Act is allowing for provisions that put roughly $300 million more into the program for road and bridge construction than previous years. “[It] has permitted the commission to invest even more funding to address Iowa’s critical road and bridge needs across the state,” the agency says.

Details on the 2017-2021 Iowa Transportation Improvement Program are available here.