Nebraska DOR posting Friday Safety Message for summer travel

Nebraska Department of Roads summer safety message (NDOR)Nebraska Department of Roads summer safety message (NDOR)

The Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) has partnered with the Nebraska State Patrol for a Friday Safety Message campaign for the summer travel season. Each Friday morning during the season a new safety message will be displayed on the dynamic message signs (DMS) on Interstate 80.

“We want to remind drivers to observe the speed limit, buckle up, avoid distractions and drive cautiously through construction zones,” says NDOR Director Kyle Schneweis. “These safety messages are a friendly reminder that NDOR and the State of Nebraska care about the safety of our drivers.”

The messages will include an updated number of Nebraska traffic deaths and a reminder that coincides with major events for each weekend. The first message focused on travelers headed to Omaha for the State High School Track Meet. DMS boards included the reminder, “Save your speeding for the track.”

“Providing a visual reminder to wear your seat belt is one more way we can engage the motoring public in efforts to reduce serious injury and fatality crashes,” says Col. Brad Rice, Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol. “We want to thank our partners at the Nebraska Department of Roads for leading the charge on this safety initiative and remind everyone to do their part to stay safe when traveling by always buckling up.”