Atlas Copco adds efficiency system to Dynapac CA2500, CA3500 soil rollers

Updated May 31, 2016
Dynapac CA2500DDynapac CA2500D

Atlas Copco has updated its Dynapac CA2500 and CA3500 soil rollers with the company’s Efficient Eccentrics and ECO Mode systems in an effort to help improve fuel consumption in the Tier 4 interim machines.

“These new rollers have all the advanced features of our fifth generation of Dynapac CA single drum vibratory rollers, but with a key difference,” says Tim Hoffman, Atlas Copco product manager for rollers. “We equipped these models with our new Efficiency Eccentrics system to reduce energy consumption at start-up, which significantly saves on fuel costs.”

The Efficiency Eccentrics system uses eccentric weights placed on the right of the axle to reduce weight that “counteracts” the machines’ movement at start-up. The company says this cuts energy consumption at that point by half, with the low power needs making it possible to make the engine smaller “without sacrificing compaction performance.”

The CA2500 and CA3500 have cross-mounted engines that allow open access to components and hydraulic systems. This configuration, Atlas Copco says, also helps balance the engine weight on the machines. They also feature the company’s Active Bouncing Control system to monitor compaction to shut off vibration when the potential for overcompaction is detected.

Dynapac CA3500PDDynapac CA3500PD