Two Arizona DOT facilities recognized for efforts to reduce environmental impact

Arizona-Welcome-SignThe Arizona Department of Transportation’s (ADOT) Tucson and Springerville repair and maintenance facilities have been recognized by the agency’s Green Shop program for reducing their impact on the environment.

“We’re reducing the cost to the state because we’re keeping waste down,” says Nathan Carroll, the fuel, scales, environmental and training manager for ADOT Equipment Services. “The end result is increasing productivity. For the taxpayer, that’s a good thing.”

ADOT says the Tucson shop has “significantly” reduced the amount of trash it generates by recycling scrap metal, batteries, automotive fluids and paper. It also has converted to LED lighting.

The Green Shop program first began 10 years ago with a best-practices manual that covered topics such as shop cleanliness, organization and ways to contain spills. Twenty-two ADOT Equipment Services locations are involved.

The agency says more than 40 state government agencies contract with ADOT Equipment Services, including the Arizona Game and Fish Department, Arizona Department of Public Safety, police departments and school districts. Shops handle preventive maintenance and major repairs on light trucks, snowplows, watercraft, snowmobiles and school buses.

ADOT recognizes one full-services shop and one satellite shop every two years. Shops receive three inspections, with one being unannounced.