Indiana DOT employing larger plows to combat the snow

Updated Dec 26, 2015
Photo from INDOTPhoto from INDOT

Indiana is bringing in the big guns to combat the snow during the winter season this year. The Indiana Department of Transportation has invested in new “tow plows” to help improve driving conditions after snow storms.

The new tow plows, as the name implies, has an extra plow and material spreader it tows behind it and to the side in addition to the standard front plow. The design means one plow can handle two lanes of highway. INDOT said in a release that the tow plows will give drivers “more consistent” driving conditions on highways, as well as saving the department some money on fuel, equipment and labor.

“Don’t do a double take if you see one of these bad boys on U.S. 24/S.R. 25 Hoosier Heartland near Logansport. You aren’t seeing double,” INDOT said on its Facebook page.  â€śA tow plow allows one plow truck and driver to clear two lanes at once, providing more consistent driving conditions and optimizing usage of fuel, equipment and labor.”

INDOT also took the time to remind drivers not to crowd the plows, especially the new tow plows. The department said drivers should stay back and give the snowplows room to work, slow down since the plows travel slower than the speed limit and make room for the plows get by. The roads are always safer behind a plow, so INDOT said to avoid passing them.

INDOT made a PSA in order to drive home the message of snowplow safety.