Tennessee asks drivers to ‘Ho Ho Hold’ their calls this holiday season

Updated Dec 1, 2015

04342b27157056475695b8659873a4cc66891_largeTennessee followed in the footsteps of Utah and Iowa in telling drivers to get their ‘head out of their apps’ while on the road. But the Tennessee Department of Transportation is also using the digital signs to get into the holiday spirit while also reminding drivers to stay safe.

TDOT has added new slogans like “Ho ho hold your calls when driving, y’all” to 27 signs across the state the Chattanooga, Tennessee news website Nooga.com reported.

Other slogans include “Peace, love, seatbelts. Buckle up!” and “Buckling up could save your giblets.” TDOT also went with it’s own take on a more common pun sign: “Eyes on the road and head out of your apps.”

“THP has wanted to use some of our portable message boards along routes that don’t have safety messages,” TDOT’s Jennifer Flynn said. “We set up about 18 different messages along routes that don’t usually have them, just to get people’s attention and make them think a little while they’re out on the road.”