Tennessee DOT, Governor’s Highway Safety Office announced $17.8 million in highway safety grants

Updated Sep 19, 2015

Tennessee welcome sign interstateThe Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and the Governor’s Highway Safety Office (GHSO) have announced $17.8 million in grant awards to support highway traffic safety efforts.

The complete list of 437 grants for 376 recipients is available here.

“These grants help fund a variety of enforcement, legal and education initiatives across the state,” TDOT Commissioner John Schroer said. “All of these efforts, from DUI prosecution, to speed enforcement, to child passenger safety training, support the mission of saving lives and reducing injuries on our roads through partnership with numerous public and private organizations.”

The GHSO receives the funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The office takes applications annually and reviews and scores them along with “external highway safety advocates”.

“Tennessee’s decline in traffic fatalities has occurred because of the dedication and commitment from our partners across the state,” GHSO Director Kendell Poole said. “They are coming up with ideas and programs that are creative, innovative and solid. They are the foundation for the culture and safety on our roads, and I am ecstatic that we are able to support their endeavors.”