APWA rebrands its annual conference and expo as PWX

Updated Sep 4, 2015

FullSizeRenderThe American Public Works Association’s annual conference will be back next year, but with a new name.

The APWA announced at the conference on Tuesday that it was rebranding what was previously known as the International Public Works Congress and Exposition to PWX—from the 45 letter original title down to just three. PWX, which stands for the Public Works Expo, represents not only a new new name of the annual event but a change in the culture of the APWA.

“It’s an exciting time of change,” APWA president Brian Usher said. “PWX is a symbol of our recognition of generational trends in the workplace. PWX is not merely a new name for an old program, but a revamped annual event that will incorporate more technology and engage all generations active in the profession. And PWX will provide a setting that encourages cross-generational dialogue so everyone can learn and benefit. ”

APWA marketing director David Dancy said the change was important because the workforce in public works will soon have five generations working together. He said PWX will embrace the changes and give people of all ages in the industry a chance to teach each other.

“We are already reviewing the latest meeting and event strategies, technologies and formats, and incorporating new ideas for learning into PWX 2016 in Minneapolis,” APWA meetings director Dana Priddy said. “We want new attendees to walk away excited about the experience and ready to put what they learned into practice when they get home.”

More information about the APWA can be found at www.apwa.net.