WV Senator launches roads complaint site because “Department of Highways is not doing its job”

Updated Aug 15, 2015

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Fed up with hearing constituent complaints about road conditions, West Virginia state senator Daniel Hall set up FixTheRoadsWV.com to serve as an outlet for pothole frustrations.

Citizens post to the site their contact information and the specific road problem they want address. Hall claims he will fix-the-roads-wv-400x282then take the complaint directly to the West Virginia Department of Highways (WVDOH).

“I’ve been getting so many phone calls, emails and Facebook messages, I’m having a hard time keeping track,” Hall said in a report by the Charleston Gazette-Mall. “In some ways it’s therapeutic,” he said. “They (West Virginians) get to complain to someone who should do something about it.”

The WVDOH already takes complaints, but Hall believes the department isn’t acting quickly enough and that the web site and his actions could spark more action.

Hall also wants WVDOH to start subcontracting maintenance work to speed up the repair process.

“I think we’re in a situation now where [the WVDOH) does not have capacity and ability to fix the roads,” he said. “(WVDOH) works four days a week right now. We could contract a lot of this stuff out and we could be doing double duty.”

Hall believes funding isn’t the reason why work progress is slow, but rather “inefficiencies in the department.

“For whatever reason the West Virginia Division of Highways is not doing its job,” he said. “Not only are main roads not being maintained, secondary roads aren’t even being touched.”

The state legislature passed a measure earlier this year requiring an audit of the WVDOH. The results will be reported next January.