The votes are in for Missouri drivers’ favorite digital road sign messages

Updated Jul 10, 2015
The 3rd place vote-getter.The 3rd place vote-getter.

Digital road signs dot highways across America, giving drivers instructions or safety advice to the point where they are a daily sight during most commutes. But the Missouri Department of Transportation wanted to know which message drivers like the most.

“Pass on Left, Drive on Right”

It’s a simple enough instruction for drivers, but one that Missourians must enjoy to follow—or have their fellow motorists be reminded to follow. The phrase was the top vote-getter in a poll MoDOT conducted in May and June.

“The results of the vote show us the messages regarding driver behavior concerns are the ones motorists like the most including passing, distracted driving and use of turn signals,”  MoDOT’s Jon Nelsonsaid. “We also received many ideas for new messages from our customers, which we will incorporate into our messaging over the coming months.”

Sixteen messages were voted on and “Put Down Your Phone and Drive” finished second with “Turn Signals: The Original Instant Message” rounding out the top three.