Electronic sign hacked to display ‘Bush did 9/11’ in Minnesota work zone

Updated Jun 26, 2015

A portable electronic sign at a construction site in Minnesota briefly detoured from it’s normal job displaying safety warnings at the hands of apparent hackers.

The sign displayed “Bush Did 9/11” in the early hours of June 19 until crews noticed the message, according to KVLY.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Jerimiah Moerke told KVVY that the sign is owned by a subcontractor working on the project to widen Highway 75 in Moorehead.

It’s up to the company to decide if they want to file a report, but police in Moorehead said no investigation has been opened.

Minnesota Department of Transportation officials also responded to the incident by reminding people that the signs are supposed to increase awareness, and tampering can distract drivers and keep them from seeing the actual message.