Hitachi launches 3 DEF-sipping LC-6 excavators that love the cold

Updated Feb 16, 2015

Hitachi has launched three upgraded excavators that the company says reduce diesel exhaust fluid consumption and are engineered for cold weather work.

The machines are powered by Tier 4 Final Isuzu engines pushing 177 horsepower on the ZX250LC-6 and 271 hp on the ZX350LC-6 and ZX380LC-6.

Hitachi says the new Isuzu engines’ exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) have been tuned to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) with  minimal use of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). Due to a better piston design and more efficient combustion, the engines do not need a diesel particulate filter.



The new excavators also are easy to maintain, with an easy-opening large engine hood, a hood over the top of the aftertreatment system, grouped filters near the hydraulic tank, and a DEF fill with a level gauge. Surrounding the DEF lines are lines filled with engine coolant, a system that helps defrost the DEF in cold weather.

Also aiding in cold weather work is the fuel recirculation system which circulates warm return fuel back to the main fuel filter, preventing fuel from gelling.

“In developing this FT4 line of excavators,” says Mark Wall, product marketing manager, “our goal was to maintain the efficiency, reliability and durability features Hitachi excavators are know for while evolving the line to meet the standards in the industry. With these Dash-6 models, customers get the quiet, power performance that Hitachi is known for with the added bonus of cleaner operations.”