Caterpillar® Introduces D6K Track-Type Tractor with Hydrostatic Drive, SystemOneTM Undercarriage and AccuGrade® Ready Option

Caterpillar introduces the D6K track-type tractor, which is the first in a new line of crawler dozers designed to deliver best-in-class productivity and performance from first cut to finish grade. The D6K comes standard with a new hydrostatic drive train, durable SystemOneTM undercarriage, and seat-mounted electro-hydraulic controls ready for easy installation of the AccuGrade® grade control system.

The Cat® engine with ACERT® Technology delivers the most flywheel power in its size class (125 horsepower / 93.2 kW) while meeting stringent worldwide emissions standards. Constant net horsepower ensures peak engine power is available for the drive train and implements even in high ambient temperatures. The D6K weighs 28,409 pounds (12 886 kg) with the XL (extended length) undercarriage and 29,690 pounds (13 467 kg) with the LGP (low ground pressure) undercarriage.

Hydrostatic drive for smooth, precise power

The D6K features a new hydrostatic drive system for excellent maneuverability, enhanced power turn capability and variable speed control. The hydrostatic drive train provides independent power and control of each track for precise maneuvering, quick acceleration, and fast on-the-go direction changes. The operator can command smooth power turns or even counter-rotation of the tracks by simply using the hydrostatic control located on the left armrest. Hydrostatic drive provides infinite speed selection from 0 to 6.2 mph (0 to 10 kph) in forward and reverse. The operator can program an independent forward and reverse speed and recall it with a simple press of a button. This lets the operator select the optimum speed for ground and job conditions.

Undercarriage enhances machine stability, provides long life and quick cycle times

The D6K undercarriage features an oscillating track roller frame, which keeps more of the track on the ground in uneven terrain. The result is increased machine stability, decreased ground shock to the machine and a smoother, more comfortable ride.

To further reduce operating costs and extend undercarriage life up to 70 percent, the Caterpillar® SystemOne undercarriage is standard on the D6K. This innovative undercarriage system has proven to outperform sealed and lubricated track and heavy-duty track across a wide range of applications and operating conditions. With SystemOneTM each component has been designed to work together as a system, to ensure balanced component wear and longer life.

SystemOne combines a bushing that rotates with a center-tread-idler to provide the D6K with the capability for high-speed operation in both forward and reverse. SystemOne eliminates accelerated wear on the bushings and sprockets when operating in reverse. As a result, cycle times can be reduced without sacrificing undercarriage life.

Comfortable cab and controls; integrated grade control system

A new, spacious operator station features seat mounted electro-hydraulic controls, combined deceleration / brake pedal, optional integrated AccuGrade display, reduced noise levels and excellent visibility. A canopy configuration is available as well.

New seat-mounted electro-hydraulic controls provide precise blade control, quick steering response, and comfortable operation. The left ergonomic joystick provides intuitive control of machine direction and speed. It also includes buttons for programming independent forward and reverse operating speeds and a thumbwheel for precise on-the-go speed adjustments. The right ergonomic joystick controls the dozer blade. It includes a button for automatic blade shake and a thumbwheel for precise blade angle adjustment.

The D6K incorporates a single pedal that combines the function of a deceleration pedal and service brakes. The operator can easily program the operation of the deceleration pedal to provide either variable engine speed or variable transmission speed. In either configuration, pressing the pedal past the speed control detent activates the service brakes.

For top finish grading performance, the D6K is available with an integrated AccuGrade grade control system. AccuGrade is the only OEM integrated blade control system. It uses either laser or GPS technology to automatically and precisely control the blade for optimum finish grade accuracy.

Powerful, responsive engine

For maximum productivity in tough applications, the D6K is equipped with the Caterpillar C6.6 engine with ACERT Technology. The engine produces 125 horsepower (93.2 kW) at the flywheel. The engine uses the ADEMTM A4 advanced electronic controller and common rail fuel injection for precise fuel delivery, resulting in outstanding lugging performance and lower emissions. Emissions meet US EPA Tier 3 and worldwide emissions requirements.

Serviceability has also been enhanced with the addition of a standard electric fuel-priming pump with integrated fuel/water separator. Electronic monitoring systems alert the operator when service is required for the engine air cleaner and fuel/water separator.

A hydraulically powered demand fan automatically adjusts fan speed to provide optimum cooling performance. The fan drive is positioned in front of the cooling package to pull air through the engine compartment and through the coolers for optimum cooling efficiency. The demand fan lowers operating sound levels and improves fuel economy. An optional reversible fan is available for improved cooling performance in dusty or debris-filled environments. With constant net horsepower, the engine automatically detects the load of the fan and adjusts engine power to maintain peak hydraulic performance.

The D6K combines a new hystat drive train, seat-mounted electro-hydraulic controls, and SystemOne undercarriage for outstanding maneuverability and precise blade control. The D6K delivers best-in-class performance and productivity from first cut to finish grade. For more information about the Caterpillar D6K, customers should contact their local Caterpillar dealer or visit the Cat web site at

Basic Specifications for D6K Track-Type Tractor





Cat C6.6

Cat C6.6

Flywheel power

125 hp (93.2 kW)