CEAttachments offers SOLID FLEX TIRES

It is possible to have it all!  All the benefits of a pneumatic tire without all the drawbacks! These tires provide a comfortable ride, without the flats. They offer a pneumatic ride that protects the machine and operator with at least three times the wear of a true pneumatic tire – typically five times the wear! 

Three sizes are available to replace either 10.00 x 16.5, 12.00 x 16.5  or 14 x 17.5 tires. These Solid Flex tires offer a full 6 (152 mm) of rubber thickness, and R4 deep lug tread for excellent traction and wear. The enhanced rubber compound is designed for chunking resistance. The flexible cells provide the ride of a pneumatic tire; this protects the machine and the operator with greater stability and increased comfort.

  • No flats; no downtime
  • Minimum 3-to-1 wear ratio over pneumatic foam filled tires
  • Improved ride over solid, less bounce compared to pneumatic means greater operator comfort and stability
  • Enhanced rubber compound provides excellent chunking resistance
  • Self-cleaning step tread


Contact CEAttachments at 866.232.8224 or visit us online at www.ceattach.com for more information on these new tires!