Lawn and Garden TK Loader 200 Series

The TK Loader makes child”s play out of handling a variety of lawn and garden equipment. It can be used to replace utility trailers in many instances. This unit can be installed in less than 10 minutes and removed in less than 5 minutes. It eliminates expenses associated with trailers such as license and additional insurance. The TK loader is virtually maintenance free and requires much less storage space than a trailer. The deck elevates lawn mowers 5″ above the truck bed allowing 54″ mower decks to pass above the wheel wells as shown in these photos.

Attach the winch cable to the item to be loaded.   Activate the winch “on” button
and pull the item on to the
inclined deck.
Activate the tilt “on” function and tilt the deck up until level.   Push the deck forward and it is locked in place. Note the 54″ deck passes above the wheel wells.