The TK Loader Advantage

The T.K. Loader reduces operating expenses and the return on investment can be suprisingly fast. No other piece of equipment can be carried with the vehicle at all times that allows the user effortlessly load or pick up almost anything that will fit into the pickup bed. This device requires only 5″ of space in the bottom of the bed and will lift as much as one ton with the push of a button.

The industrial user can reap significant economic benefits.

TK Loader Facts

¢ Eliminates the need for external lifting
   equipment to load a wide variety of mobile
   and immobile equipment and materials into a
   pickup truck. No lost time waiting for a forklift
   with operator or other machinery in most        

¢ Reduces equipment acquisition and rental

¢ Reduces equipment placement costs

¢ Reduces delivery time   
¢ Allows one person to load heavy items that 
   would otherwise require two or more people to
   physically lift
¢ Eliminates the need for trailers in many

¢ Eliminates the use of ramps and the hazards
   associated with them

¢ Eliminates union labor conflicts.

¢ More versatile and capable than liftgates in
   many instances

¢ Adds significant versatilty to the basic pickup