Two Motorcycles…TK Loader 300 Series

The TK Loader Model 300 with motorcycle loading attachment makes it possible to load 2 large motorcycles or as many as 3 small ones such as dirt bikes. This model can be installed in all full size pickups with long or short beds. It has a 2000# capacity. It has numerous options that make it possible to load 2 snowmobiles, 2 ATVs, personal watercraft, lawn mowers, and virtually anything weighing up to 2000# that will fit into a pickup truck bed.

Position the motorcycles on the platform and attach with ratchet straps.   Activate the loading sequence with the handheld control or
radio remote.
Tilt the deck up to the level position.   Traverse the deck in to the
forward and locked position
and the motorcycles are ready
to transport.


It is sometimes necessary to position one bike forward and one rearward. Bikes without crash bars can both normally be positioned forward. After the bikes are properly secured to the platform with four straps each, no further straps are required.