Doosan Throws Down Fuel Consumption Gauntlet

ATLANTA, September 29, 2008- Doosan Infracore America is so confident that it can help customers cut fuel consumption costs that the company has issued a first-in-the-industry challenge: put Doosan equipment up against any comparable machine under similar operating consitions and track the data. Then send that information to Doosan and receive $2,000. It”s The Doosan Fuel Duel (

The goal: make it clear that Doosan is the smart choice for equipment that gets the job done- and a smart choice for customers worried about operating cost effectively.

“Lots of manufactures boast about their machines” fuel efficiency. They take out ads and produce all kinds of impressive sounding numbers. But we”re skipping the fluff and backing up our claims with cash,” said Chris Neville, the general manager of sales and marketing for Doosan Infracore America.

Neville went on to explain: “Doosan equipment consistently delivers on its promise of reliability. By compiling our customers” hands-on information from the field we will continue to strengthen the case to potential customers that out machines” are durable, easy to maintain, comfortable to operate and fuel efficient. We want everyone to know that we”re willing to back our commitment to quality.”

Among the many costs of owning and operating equipment, fuel costs have become the most immediate and largest daily out-of-pocket expense. While the total cost of ownership should be considered, in many cases that can be nebulous and savings can be difficult to quantify. Doosan believes that providing products that are fuel efficient and immediately cutting the amount of fuel used on the job are benefits that its equipment can deliver for an instant positive impact on the bottom line.

“Doosan has invested years of engineering excellence and experience in the field in the development of engines that are more efficient and more durable, which ultimately lead to greater productivity and reduced operating costs for customers,” said Chad Ellis, Product and Governmental Sales Manager. “We build our machines so that customers are saving money right now as well as in the long term.”

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Building a bank of data through the fuel consumption challenge will be an excellent supplement to the extensive research and testing that Doosan already does as it develops new models and continues to improve its technology. The data from hands-on operators will add another dimension to Doosan”s ability to evaluate and address what customers are facing on job sites under varied conditions. That understanding could lead to new products and support services, or refinements to standard practices such as maintenance schedules.

Doosan”s fuel challenge is slated to run from October 1, 2008- December 31, 2008 for new Doosan loaders and excavators purchased during that time period. According to the program rules, to qualify for the $2,000 award:

  • These new machines can be compared to any comparable equipment already owned by the customer (including older Doosan models, and all DX and Dl models);
  • The customer must currently own the comparable machine (rental or loaned equipment is not eligible). It must be comparable in size to the Doosan machine and be Tier III compliant.
  • The configuration (boom and bucket, shear, hammer, etc.) and application of use must be similar.
  • All customer fuel data must be recorded via the Doosan Data Worksheet available for download at ( or to Doosan via fax directly to 770-831-0905
  • The customer”s fuel consumption data will be validated and the $2,000 gift card will be sent in six to eight weeks.

This fuel consumption challenge is another creative, out-of-the-box service that Doosan is providing to customers. At a time when other companies are cutting back on customer service, Doosan is working to find new ways to reach and support existing customers and potential customers. The company has been quickly growing its dealer network to ensure that customers throughout North America have convenient access to products and repair or maintenance services. Doosan also proivdes its customers with the industry”s first-ever 48-hour guaranteed parts replacement program (any machine debilitating part replaced within 48 hours or the customer gets a free machine rental), as well as a full-service financing division (Doosan Global Finance).

Please visit for more program details.


Doosan Infracore America services a large network of Doosan dealers in North America from its headquarters in Suwanee, Georgia. Doosan Infracore America is responsible for all North American sales, service, and technical support for Doosan heavy construction equipment , compact equipment and lift trucks. The Suwanee facility features a state-of-the-art service, sales and parts training center, as well as a parts distribution center that services all of the U.S. and Canada. For more information, visit