EDGE® Buckets by CEAttachments, Inc.

CEAttachments offers more than 60 skid-steer Buckets to choose from including Dirt/Construction buckets for tough digging and material handling, Extended Dirt buckets with a longer bottom and lower profile for grading, Bulk Material/Snow buckets for high capacity loads, Utility/General Purpose buckets with high capacity and a low profile, and specialty buckets such as the Skeleton Rock bucket, 4-in-1 Combination bucket, Concrete Slab bucket, Grapple bucket and Side-Discharge bucket.  A variety of bucket accessories are also available including the Bold-on Cutting Edge, Toothbar and Bolt-on Teeth to make your equipment even more efficient.  Call CE Attachments, Inc. toll-free at 866.232.8224 for details, or visit online at www.ceattach.com.