EDGE® Grader Attachment by CEAttachments, Inc

The EDGE Grader is a perfect attachment for re-shouldering, sub-grading and blacktop preparation.  It features a 96 blade with an extremely strong moldboard to move a lot of dirt and large tires for added maneuverability.  The low profile design provides excellent visibility and the sealed blade pin connection guards against dirt buildup.  Choose the end plate option to use the grader similar to a box blade. A laser system is now available for use with the EDGE Grader allowing more precise control and grading resulting in material and labor savings. For more information contact the friendly people at CEAttachments toll free at 866-232-8224 or check out our website at www.ceattach.com.


  • 96 blade with a reversible/replaceable cutting edge
  • Large tires for maneuverability
  • Low profile design for excellent visibility
  • Sealed blade pin connection prevents dirt buildup
  • In-cab hydraulically controlled angle and tilt
  • End plate option to create box blade
  • Laser System available for perfect grading